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Unbirth - the first 3D game by Frictional.
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Unbirth - the first 3D game by Frictional.

I never played the game before but now, I would like to do it.
I downloaded the game from here: http://unbirth.frictionalgames.com/levels.php
This was the first 3D game by Frictional.

The game is very great and also scary as Penumbra. Some music and ambient sounds are even better.
I wanted to see a game like this by Frictional. Why was developing stopped?
The game crashes sometimes but runs good in Windows XP compatibility mode. But you can't load a savegame.

If the geme will get a final version, it might be good as Penumbra.
I was wondering, you have a gun in the game. This is not Frictional likeWink. But really great game!
It's a shame, that it is not released.
05-07-2011, 09:49 PM
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