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This is for frictional games to congratulate them on their success
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This is for frictional games to congratulate them on their success

Congratulations Amnesia the dark decent

i just wanted to say that Amnesia the dark decent is probably the most best game I have ever played. The atmosphere, the intense action , the fact that you crap while playing it. is absolutely Awesome. this is also the the most popular game of the horror genre i know. this game is beautilly Designed and created by an awesome company:Frictional Games:

What makes amnesia good is the fear it build up while playing. when ever im playing and walking down a giant hallway i expect a chase scene where i have to run away but instead it comes from in front which makes it even scarier.

what i like most.

what i like most is the fact that you can create custom stories. TO BE HONEST i would never of played amnesia if it wasent for custom stories. the fact that you can create and share custom stories is awesome

Future game:
If you are making a future game To do with amnesia or another game completely MAKE SHURE IF YOU CAN TO MAKE SHURE CUSTOM STORIES CAN BE MADE.

Also the story is absolutely awesome great understanding and fear is really on the high stakes.

So well done FRICTIONAL GAMES and for your fantastic effort!!!

Liam Graves Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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03-11-2012, 12:33 PM
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