Troubleshooting FAQ

On this page you can find answers to the most common issues.

My character is stuck or has fallen through the environment

Load an earlier save from the main menu. The games automatically save at the start of every map, and some also have automatic at multiple points in a map.

The game’s resolution looks strange

To force the game to fit your screen, find the game’s configuration in the following locations:

Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x, 10: Documents\My Games\SOMA\
Linux: ~/.local/share/frictionalgames/SOMA/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/SOMA

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x, 10: Documents\Amnesia\Pig\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Amnesia/Pig/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Pig
Mac OS X >= 10.7 (App Store): ~/Library/Containers/com.frictionalgames.AMFPLauncher/Data/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Pig

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.x,10: Documents\Amnesia\Main\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Amnesia/Main/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Main

Penumbra Overture:

Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x, 10: My Documents\Penumbra Overture\Episode1\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Penumbra Overture/Episode1/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Overture/
Mac OS X <= 10.6 (App Store): ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Overture/
Mac OS X >= 10.7 (App Store): ~/Library/Containers/com.frictionalgames.PenumbraCollection/Data/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Overture/

Penumbra Black Plague:

Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x, 10: My Documents\Penumbra\Black Plague\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Penumbra/Black Plague/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Black Plague/
Mac OS X <= 10.6 (App Store): ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Black Plague/
Mac OS X >= 10.7 (App Store): ~/Library/Containers/com.frictionalgames.PenumbraCollection/Data/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Black Plague/

Penumbra Requiem:

Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x, 10: My Documents\Penumbra\Requiem\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Penumbra/Requiem/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Requiem/
Mac OS X <= 10.6 (App Store): ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Requiem/
Mac OS X >= 10.7 (App Store): ~/Library/Containers/com.frictionalgames.PenumbraCollection/Data/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Penumbra/Requiem/

Open the settings.cfg with a text program. Set the following to desired size:

<Screen Width="" Height="" Fullscreen="true" Vsync="true">

Sometimes this is caused by Windows’ DPI scaling, for example if the UI is set to 125%. Navigate to the game’s .exe file, right-click on it, go to Properties, go to Compatability tab, find Override high DPI scaling behavior… and choose scaling by Application.

The game’s colours look strange or I can’t change gamma

Background programs such as f.lux can interfere with the game colours. Exit such programs completely.

The game doesn’t save

Check permissions of your storefront or the game. Your virus defender might be blocking the game from writing save files. Your storefront/the game might not have administrative permission do write on disk – run the game as administrator.

Game won’t start

Make sure your graphics card supports the game and that you have updated driver

Because our games use OpenGL, your graphics card may not support the minimum version required or your drivers may be outdated even though you can run most other games (which use Direct3D).

Download the latest drivers for your graphics card here:

Reset game settings

Sometimes changes you have made can cause problems with the game. In order to fix this you need to reset the game’s settings. Go to the game’s save directory and remove the [username]_user_settings.cfg file. Then start the game and try playing the first level without changing any options. If all works, you can exit the game and carefully change a few settings at a time.

Install Visual Studio runtime dlls

These should be installed when you start the game the first time, but in rare cases it might fail. You might even have to uninstall the runtimes first and then install them again. Before you do this, make sure that your OS is 64 bit.

Download the latest Windows runtime dlls here:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

vSync makes the game crash

For some cards, vSync does not work properly and can make the game crash. To sidestep this issue, force vSync to be enabled at the graphics card control panel and not in-game. It might also help to turn off triple buffering as well.

The game crashes / freezes during gameplay

Write permission has failed

This crash would happen during loading of new map. To fix this, run as Administrator or set so SOMA executable has write permission on the install directory.

Bad game caches

It might be that some of the game cache files are corrupted. Uninstall the game, then reinstall and see if that helps. For Steam users, perform a file integrity check.

HPL2 Level Editor is too big to fit my screen

Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Options”. Here you can specify the X and Y size of the editor, so change them to something that will fit your screen. After changing them, close the edit window and restart the level editor.

HPL2 Level Editor is too small to get to the “Edit” menu.

This happens if the size is changed to something too small. Reset the editor to default settings by deleting the LevelEditor.cfg file.

Windows: %username%\Documents\HPL2

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/HPL2

Linux: ~/.frictionalgames/HPL2