General FAQ

Issues with your game? Check out the Troubleshooting FAQ.

Can I pitch you my game or idea?

Please do not send us game ideas and other pitches. We have our hands full with our own ideas we want to bring to you! There are also legal reasons why we cannot accept unsolicited ideas. Unsolicited pitches will be deleted or destroyed in a safe manner.

Can I use Frictional’s games for video content?

Yes! You are welcome to create videos (like Let’s Plays, speedruns, reviews and commentary) using captured or streamed video from Frictional Games’ games and modding tools.

Can I monetise my videos?

Yes. You are allowed to create ad-supported videos (such as the YouTube Partnership program).

We also own the copyright to all music in our games so you won’t get flagged – lucky you!

I made a mod using the HPL engine. Can I sell it?

No. Any content made on the HPL engines must be non-commercial.

I made a project using the open-source tools from Frictional. Can I sell it?

No. All projects made using open-source tools must be non-commercial and also open source.

I created an original piece of fan content (fanart, fanfiction, plushie etc.). Can I sell it?

Yes. We allow you selling original fan works on a small scale.

Example: Drawing a picture of K8 bot, printing some posters and selling them at a convention.

I created merchandise using official content (concept art, in-game logos etc.). Can I sell it?

No. Official content is not allowed for commercial use.

Example: Taking the Pathos-II logo, putting it on a mug and selling it through a merchandise storefront.

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