A-Vault interview with new info and screens from Penumbra: Black Plague

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A quick news post about an interview that you can find over at Adrenaline Vault. Hopefully you will find it a good read containing some new information about Penumbra: Black Plague.

This whole week is a Penumbra: Black Plague week over at A-Vault, so make sure you visit them regularly to find more goodies about game. Next up should be a Dev diary series in two parts!

Interview snippet

“Will the ingenious physics-based puzzles seen in the original Penumbra continue in Black Plague?”

“Without a doubt! We’ve added more physics puzzles and less inventory-based challenges to the game. It’ll definitely be more hands-on with the physics. We’ve even added being able to rotate objects you hold, resulting in a much greater level of control than before.”