HPL 2.0 – The beginning

Hi all!

This is the first post in our brand new Work Log subforum, which is going to act as a sort of blog where we show of how work progress on our upcoming projects! Hope you will enjoy it!

In this entry log I am going to tell you a little about the recent progress with HPL 2, which is going to be the new engine we will use in (atleast) one our upcoming projects.

Here are some of the fun features I have managed to plugin into it so far:

  • Support for several inputs per action (for example you can have jump button on several keys in a game).
  • Major upgrade of image loading. I have implemented devIL as the image loading library and can now support DXTC compression, cubemaps in one files, custom mipmaps and all other kinds of stuff.
  • Added saving for many new formats and made it alot easier to save screens.
  • Fixed sound system so you effects are easier to handle and also added better support for streamed 3D sounds.
  • ALOT of cleanup in the code. It looks so much nicer now 😀

Next week I am going to fix my TextureAltas system and also add support for Frambuffer obejcts which will allow the engine to render to textures a lot simpler. After that I am going to start the new renderer. More on that next time!

Have a nice weekend!