Render To Texture

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Hi again all!

One of the things that I am planning to do in this work log is to release a demo showing off a new feature whenever I can. That way I can see how well the engine works on various machines and you readers will also be able to follow the development in a more hands-on fashion!

First out is a render to texture test. In HPL1 I never used any direct rendering to texture, but instead I copied data from the screen to a texture. This was good for the time being, but it also had a bunch of drawback most notably it could be quite slow on certain instances. For HPL2 I will have full render to texture support though and I just finished the implemenation.

Attached is a screenshot showing how it should look. If you get any strangenes while running please post a reply and report it along with a copy of hpl.log and a screenshot (taken using F8)

Download Link:

Minimum Requirements:
Radeon 9600 / Geforce FX
W, A, S and D: Move around
Mouse: Look around
F8: Screenshot

If anyone wants to mess around with the pattern generated feel free to fiddle around with “” in the programs folder. If you get anything working please attach a screen!