Coping with Optimizing

We have been pretty bad at updating this work log, mostly because we have had so darn much to do. However we want to mend that and start writing more frequently from now on!

To start things off I want to discuss something that I have done quite a bit this week: Optimizing. Now this is usually a quite boring thing to do and just means changing something, writing down some number, changing something else, and so on until night falls. I usally end up with list such as this:

Date:    080312
Desc:     30 small lights (raduis 2 - 4) and one large (radius 5) is rendered to a simple scene.
Test        Features                    Framerate
1        Deferred skybox                    ~96.5
2        Basic skybox after light render.        ~103.8
3        #2 + attenuation texture            ~85.0
4        #3 + no clamp                    ~94.2
5        #3 + no clamp, min(..) instead            ~94.2
6        #5 + skybox no longer additive blended        ~96.0

Usually I learn something in the process too… The above examples are different test with rendering the sky-box and light attenuation, trying to make it as fast as possible.

Now this may not sound terribly fun and to be honest it aint. However, I got a dirty trick up my sleeve, something that can keep me going writing out tests until my fingers bleed. I simply fantasize that I am mad scientist doing mad experiments.

“Thomas, you are one super nerd” you might think. And it is probably true. However, I have the utmost respect for these strange science folk who can dedicate their whole lives to the most wierd stuff. Like studying one single species of fungus or trying to figure out the body’s metabolism by weighing and taking note of everything that goes in and out of oneself (yeah a guy did that). And when considering those efforts what I am doing does not seem that bad any longer.

And I can continue my “change stuff, test, write notes, repeat”-cycle with a smile on my face 😀