The Thank You Post

Originally posted by Jens.

This year began pretty well for us, things were looking good and the future of 2009, 2010 was planned. Then due to the normal unfortunate events in this unstable business we found ourselves in quite a pickle.

We have had our fair share of pickles during the years we have been running Frictional Games, as some might remember, our very first publisher didn’t really feel like paying us properly for the first game we did in the Penumbra series. We have always managed to find some solution to go on and make things work, for this year’s pickle we did our best but things didn’t look too good…

Then there was the Steam sale of the Penumbra Collection during the early weekend in June. The future all of the sudden looked a lot brighter for us, a possibility to continue the work on the next game “Unknown” presented itself, it wasn’t a 100% final vision of how to do it but it was definitely “vision-able”.

Then this weekend came…

We had planned for a re-release of the Mac & Linux versions of Penumbra as a Collection. We sent out a PR and made some noise during the week to make sure it was known the Collection would sell for USD 5 during the weekend. We also came in contact with Helios – the Linux blogger with a big heart for many things. He wanted to do a write-up on the Linux version and got all excited about making it fit with the weekend deal and, oh my, did he make it fit!

Due to the blog, the Slashdot article about the blog, Linux and Mac sites posting of the PR we ended up with an excellent weekend of chaos. Because of this we are now as good as set to focus completely on making the next game, which is great compared to spending most of the day working on survival solutions.

In short, a tremendous Thank You! To everyone for this weeks coverage and to all users that gave us their support by purchasing the game during the weekend deals on Steam and the past few days. It has really turned things around for us.

Best of regards,
Frictional Games

Ps. Read our blog to keep track of our progress with Unknown!