2000 Pre-orders reached!

Thanks to all of those who pre-ordered Amnesia: The Dark Descent during the discount and an extra big thanks to those who ordered it before! It now seems like we are forced to record some commentary for the release, which we hope will be enjoyable.

Also note that the 50% discount will continue until tonight (11th) 0:00 west coast USA. So all of you who have not gotten it yet, still have some time. But you need to hurry up!

In case you are wondering about the Penumbra: Collection 75% discount: it will continue for as long as the Humble Indie Bundle is available.

Finally, for those who are wondering when this blog will have some more design/production/horror related content again, I promise that will come soon! There are stuff in the works and we just need to have some time off from normal game development to get it done.

Again, thanks to all who have supported us!