Article Roundup and a Good Deal

Originally posted by Jens.
Some links in this article have expired and have been removed.

First of all we would like to inform you that Gamer’s Gate is having a 70% discount on all Penumbra games this weekend. In fact they have already started and the offer is available to Windows and Mac users. If you have not yet played Penumbra, and want some warm-up before Amnesia, you know what to do!

And in case you have missed any interviews and need something more to dig into before the release next week, we decided to have a little roundup. What follows are some of the articles and interviews concerning Amnesia from the last two months or so.

Gamasutra article on horror games
An article on the future of survival horror, where we were part of the interviewees.

Interview with Game-Central
An interview about FG, Amnesia and horror in general.

Discussion on our design philosophy
We talk to Neoseeker about design and horror in general.

PC-Gamer Interview
PC Gamer UK liked the game enough to want to interview us.

Why you should be excited about Amnesia
MMGN lists seven reason why you should be excited about Amnesia. Also note that they have a competition where people living in Australia have chance to win the game.