Amnesia Retail Release, GDC & IGF

Originally posted by Jens.
Some links in this article have expired and have been removed.

Tomorrow we will begin our journey to the GDC, during the exhibit days (March 2nd to 4th) we can be found showing Amnesia in the IGF Pavilion.

The reason for us being in the IGF section is because we have been nominated in three categories this year! We are all very excited about this and nothing could be a better excuse for us to attend the GDC for the first time.

In other news, last week Amnesia: The Dark Descent got a retail release in North America. Published by THQ and appears to be readily available in all stores one could wish for. Please be advised to keep your fingers close to your body or else the duck might bite!

What have we been up to as of late? A lot! It’s too early to show anything yet, but while waiting for some solid details remember that progress can always be found in the blog. At least for some of the stuff we are working on…