SOMA Reviews

Originally posted by Jens.

“Frictional’s latest title is a benchmark for the horror genre, and easily one of the best examples of video game storytelling this year. Whether you’re a returning fan, or a horror newbie, SOMA deserves your immediate attention.”
The Escapist

“Soma stayed on my mind for days after the credits rolled, and the final sequence is one of the most intense I’ve experienced in years.”

“SOMA succeeds at crafting something much more meaningful in a genre that’s deserving of more than just simple jump scares.”

“It’s genuinely disconcerting, and few games play with ambiguity so well or confidently.”

“That Frictional has been able to take such an over-used concept as exploring an abandoned research base, populated by bloody corpses and monsters, and turn it into a sombre philosophical adventure that is also exciting and even funny, is quite the achievement.”

“Visually, it’s a masterpiece, and every room tells a story: about the people who lived there, about what went wrong, about the outside world, or about yourself.”
PC Gamer