100 000 visitors & downloads

Originally posted by Jens.

There you have it! In about three weeks over 100 000 visitors have come here looking for Penumbra, the same amount of people have also downloaded the game through various major download sites. This is of course really great for us and we send out our biggest thanks to all the people that have played the game, spread the word and helped us out.

Right now we are hard at work with some new stuff that will be revealed very soon. Make sure to check in regulary for upcoming fun and interesting things.

Since we do not have a credits list in-game, we want to take a moment and show the names of the people that made Penumbra possible.

The team behind the original Penumbra release

Main team

Anton Adamse
Thomas Grip
Jens Nilsson
Martin Thorzén


Theodor Berg -Models
Troy Gusler -Models & Texture
Mike Hillard -Intro Voice
Nicklas Mattisson -Intro images
Olof Strand -Models & Texture
Erik Sundström -Ambient Music
Mikko Tarmia -Intro & Theme Music


Chris Bates
Mikael Hedberg
Stefan Molin
Luis Rodero
Benny Samuelsson
“Grey ZZZ”