Media round-up week 30

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

In the coming month Penumbra will be on the following magazines cover CD/DVD, some of them will also include previews, features and interviews.

  • Germany
    • PC Action, PC Games or PC Games Hardware, not sure which one it will be in.
  • Poland
    • Max Kids
  • South Africa
    • PC Format
  • UK
    • PC Zone – October issue, on sale 17th August
  • USA
    • PC Gamer – Issue 151
    • Computer Gaming World Magazine – Issue 265

You can find reviews at Adrenelan, FreeWar Zone and at Gamer Andy where you’ll also find a Q&A session with us. For those interested in even more bedtime reading you can find features at and Penumbra was also included in GameTunnels July 2006 monthly round-up. We were really looking forward to this one, but unfortunately two out of three reviewers didn’t have the computer required to play the game, hence the lack of a verdict. For our Japanese visitors has written something as well, exactly what we do not know but the author Ryuichi assured us it was something nice!

We are working away on our little project, most likely there will be a quick-fix released soon that will repair some minor bugs found in the current version of Penumbra. Furthermore, the first baby steps have been taken to bring Penumbra to Linux and Mac OS X, no actual code has been ported yet but contacts have been made, if nothing unforeseen occur we can happily bring you news on it’s progress at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.