Penumbra 1.1 released

Originally posted by Jens.

We are pleased to announce the release of Penumbra 1.1. The new version is available as a patch and a full install, both can be downloaded from our Penumbra downloads section.

Patch Info

Extended graphic cards support: GeForce 3/4 and Radeon 8500-9200 as well as all previously supported cards.
Language support: Now supports several different languages. A big Thank You to the community for the translations.
Extended options: All effects can now be set in-game, allowing users to tweak them for best possible game experience.
Fixes and additions: A general overhaul of the game fixing reported issues and bugs as well as adding some minor new additions to the game.

Mod Tools

We have also released the tools and documentation required to create modifications to Penumbra. To get everyone started we have added tutorials and opened a new section in our forums for mod creators to use. We hope this will stimulate the interest and growth of a mod community. The tools and documentation can be downloaded from our Penumbra modification section.

Other info

Last but not least we have created a new web-site containing more information about us and Penumbra. The site also includes a section for blogs written by the developers to enable a steady flow of information for those interested.

To keep up with the latest happenings we encourage our users to register at the forum. During the last couple of weeks the forum users have had a chance to try out the new patch and tools before being officially released. This has given us valuable information and allowed us to make the final public release of higher quality.

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