New previews

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

During the last week four previews of Penumbra: Overture appeared, three of them you can read on the web and one is in the March 2007 issue of PC Zone.

Right from the get go this game is a stunner coming from a development team of 4 people, that’s right, just 4 developers created something as addictive and enthralling as the game looks to be from the preview code we received.” -Games Xtreme.

“However the game did lead me with an claustrophobic atmosphere that made me uncomfortable when walking down dark corridors, even though I had a walkthrough handed to me and knew that there were no enemies down there…I still felt that feeling of discomfort and that’s when you’ve got a powerful tool that you can wield to your advantage.” -Videogames Reloaded.

“It’s brainache captured on a shiny disc, a compendium of things that would annoy you in other, faster-paced games – but this time, it’s strangely part of the appeal.” -PC Zone, March 2007 Issue.

“There wasn’t a huge amount to the preview build, it was fairly short, but what was provided showed a promising game that, if the small development team can polish up between now and the release will have an interesting first part of a trilogy of games on their hands.” -PAL Gaming.