Penumbra: Overture on Gamer’s Gate

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

“Digital community platform Gamer’s Gate, announced today that it has signed a new exciting title by Swedish developer Frictional Games. First out in a series of games, “Penumbra: Overture” is guaranteed to keep players on edge as they explore its scary and immersive environment.”

Here at Frictional Games we are very happy that Penumbra: Overture will be available for download on Gamers Gate. Having used the Gamers Gate software ourselves in the past, we know how well it works and what an excellent choice it is for digital downloads. If getting games as digital downloads is your thing, get your account now and be ready for Penumbra: Overture in March 2007!

About Gamer’s Gate
Gamer’s Gate is a unique digital distribution platform launched by Paradox Interactive to create easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere. Seen as a strong contender on the digital download arena, plans for its immediate future include the launch of several accompanying services and a substantial increase in the product portfolio offered to consumers.