Review roundup

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

As Penumbra: Overture has been out for soon a week the reviews keep coming in at a steady rate. So far it has been mainly positive reviews and our own internal goals have been met and even exceeded! Enjoy!

“So you crouch, and you hide in the dark from the thing because you’re no ‘Hollywood action hero’, and through some magical trick of character empathy, you’re actually scared. Then a wolf howls and you promptly shit yourself.” -PC Zone, issue 178. Review available online.

“It does some truly clever stuff, has an effectively creepy atmosphere and there’s a few signposts in it that action and adventure games alike would do well to follow.”

Freely translated- “…the game contains surprisingly small amounts of violence, but notably large amounts of physiological horrors that will make you sleep with the lights turned on for weeks ahead.”

For German speaking readers Penumbra: Overture is reviewed in the May issue of PC Games.

Quick translation- “The game is very creepy and exciting. The great graphics and music helps it very well. The enemies are lethal but trying to evade them and sneak past them is double as scary than just attacking them.”

Last there is a review in issue 132 of the Belgian magazine PC Gameplay.