Penumbra: Overture in stores now and trailer released!

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

Finally they day has come! Penumbra: Overture is out there on the store shelfs and in the digital archives. Ready to be bought, brought home and enjoyed! As you start playing the first episode, work here is already well away on the second episode. Make sure you tell us what you think of the episode so that we can make the second as good as possible!

Eager to get your hands on the game? You can purchase and download Penumbra: Overture instantly from Gamer’s Gate online stores.

Are you one of those that has always wondered “who are those Frictional Games fellows anyway?”, think no more about it! Take a quick look at our tour of the office.

A release day needs a release trailer, so here you have a short less than a minute video to watch while you wait for the download to finish.

It can quite safely be watched without really spoiling anything of the final game experience!