This weeks reviews

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As usual we have six reviews for you, this time the majority in English!

A review can be read in issue 5 of the free PDF magazine

“So many great experiences are put throughout this game. The appearance and physics are more along the line of a FPS rather than an Adventure game.”

“Penumbra is certainly a game to give time to if you are a fan of the horror or adventure genres.” –

“Everything about Penumbra’s sneaking and system of non-violence builds up suspense, and the missing “save-anywhere” feature clearly means to increase the tension players should feel. Luckily, areas tend to be fairly small, and the auto-save kicks in often enough to keep it from being a nuisance.” –

“A fun blend of a few different genres, with some new gameplay mechanics thrown in for good measure. Part thriller, part puzzle solver and part FPS, the end result is a solid first attempt at an engrossing interactive story. With an eye toward the future, the Penumbra series may become an example of episodic gaming done right.”

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