Reviews and what not

Originally posted by Jens.
Links in this article have expired and have been removed.

Down here in the very south and sunny part of Sweden we have had a quite snow free winter, until today… For some reason a “blizzard” is roaming outside today and what could be better to do on a day such as this than to read a couple of reviews?

“Little touches like the ambient music and subtle film grain only add to the unsettling atmosphere, which is utilised via various plot devices almost as a weapon against your senses.”

“Give me a shotgun and a zombie horde, and I will quite happily empty shells for a number of unspecified hours, with little variation in game play or surroundings. But a funny thing happened while I was playing Penumbra Black, I forgot all about guns, I forgot all about my instinctive healthy urge to kill, and I started to enjoy being scared and even more shockingly, enjoyed thinking.”

“If you’re in the market for a bite-sized chunk of the freshest horror adventure in years, play this game. It’s unusual, smart, and above all, entertaining, if you can embrace the unconventional approach.”

“Distant noises immerse players into the game, while whispers and strange noises, along with music that is similarly creepy, works wonders to draw players in immediately.”

In addition to the above mentioned reviews there has been a ton of international reviews in all languages imaginable as well as daily newspaper and TV coverage here in Sweden.