Amnesia: TDD – Tools released and two new videos

Originally posted by Jens.
Some links in this article have expired and have been removed.

Today we have released the tools for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. These are the tools that we used to create the game, anyone interested in game development should take a look.

Using the tools you can create your own “Custom Stories”, which can then be shared with other users and be played by using the main menu entry with the same name. You can even create a “Total Conversion” if so wanted, but this would require quite a bit more work and is perhaps not our main intention with the tools.

So check out for information and download. Currently the tools are available for Windows, with Linux and Mac releases coming as soon as possible.

We have provided some basic information on the HPL2 site, but as it is a Wiki, anyone can dig in and help expanding the information, tutorials and so forth. You can also check the Custom Story Forum section for discussions and downloading of any future user creations.

To end it all, we have two new videos to share. One developer walkthrough of the story design in Amnesia and the horrific Russian launch trailer for Amnesia. Enjoy!