Particle Editor updates

Originally posted by Luis.

Hey! Today I’m sharing the results of the last two weeks of work on the ParticleEditor with you. I’ve had loads of time for additions and improvements — I’m just gonna go over the most notable ones briefly:

  • Live update of particles: No more resetting the whole particle system to see the effect that little parameter you changed actually has!
  • Control of the update speed: Something looks weird but you can’t spot what it is? Just slow the whole thing down. Works everytime.
  • Easing functions for fading values: We don’t have tweakable curve controls just yet, but these work like a charm in the meantime. 
  • Helper graphs: A really nice addition so you can preview how fades are going to work. Together with easing functions, a slider and the live update, this is fun just to play around with.

Of course, a little video works way better than words for showing these off, so here it is: