Hiring: PR Coordinator / Community Manager

At Frictional Games we love to make stuff that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Penumbra was a unique combination of horror, physics and adventure gaming. With Amnesia we redefined what horror games can be and helped to kickstart the Let’s Play phenomenon. In SOMA we explored deep subjects in new, unsettling ways. We aim to continue this trend. But as we create innovative narrative-focused experiences, and explore how to use the potential of videogames to the fullest, we face an increased need to focus on PR and Community management. We realize that the nature of our creations has a depth that can’t be explained in a few sentences or pictures and that the cores of our upcoming games need to be communicated in a more strategic way. We also realize that we’ve been neglecting our existing community for some time now and we want to be a lot more vocal in all the channels where our fans are listening.

This is why we’re now looking for a PR Coordinator and Community Manager to join our ranks, focus on getting our message across, and also to help us out on our ongoing development in a few other ways. This is a half-time or full-time employment (depending a bit on the applying candidate), working from home or from our soon-to-be-established hub-office in Malmö, Sweden.

Working with us, your main responsibility will be to ensure that Frictional always has a voice and that there’s a continuous flow of communication through the different channels (such as forums, social media, Steam community, PS Live Area etc.). We’d be turning to you to initiate, create and communicate messages of interest from our daily work, meaning you’d need to be fully up to date with what the rest of the team is doing at all times. We’d also rely on you to plan and coordinate everything related to important PR events such as announcements and releases but also everything related to special events (such as mod competitions etc.).

Here is a rundown of some of a few more specific tasks:

  • Working out (together with management) marketing plans for upcoming game projects. 
  • Staying up to date with the rest of the team by listening in on (and contributing to) meetings. 
  • Maintaining continuous communication flow on our forums, social media channels, Steam community and PS Live Area etc. 
  • Coming up with ideas and suggestions for messages to communicate or events to hold through our different channels. Then writing/creating graphics for these – from our existing assets – and coordinating and executing them. 
  • Planning, coordinating and executing trailer creation (with a creator or editor if you don’t have those skills yourself). 
  • Planning, coordinating and contributing to PR statement generation and sendout alongside our PR firm. 
  • Planning and coordinating demo creation with the team. 
  • Planning, coordinating, creating and submitting details to platform stores such as Steam, PS Store etc. 

These are far from the only things you’ll be doing when working with us. We’re a small team, and we like to see people dabbling with things outside of their expertise and constantly learning new stuff. The more areas of our development you’re able to take part in, the better.

Of great importance is that fact that you must be able to work from home. Frictional Games currently does not have an office; however, we are planning to set one up in Malmö, hopefully sometime next year. You will however decide for yourself how much you’d want to make use of the office, so it’s crucial that you are able to plan your day, take full initiative and work without strict guidance. Because of this, we allow a flexibility that you’ll rarely find in an office environment. 

The most basic requirements are the following:

  • You live in Malmö or are prepared to move here. 
  • You are fluent in English and a strong communicator. 
  • You are able to create basic work in Adobe Photoshop. 
  • You love horror, sci-fi and narrative games. 
  • You have an understanding of social media and other game-related communication channels. 
  • You like coming up with new initiatives and running with them. 
  • You have experience of planning and coordinating from previous roles. 
  • You strive for structure, efficiency and clarity. 
  • You are extremely self-driven. 
  • You like working with varying tasks and participating in the different areas of a business. 

Additional (non-essential) requirements:

  • You have a basic understanding of the process of creating a video game. 
  • You have video editing skills and experience. 
  • You have a Windows PC you can use for work capable of playing recent games (SOMA is a good test case!)