Hiring: 3D Artist

At Frictional Games we love to make stuff that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Penumbra was a unique combination of horror, physics and adventure gaming. With Amnesia we redefined what horror games can be and helped to kickstart the Let’s Play phenomenon. In SOMA we explored deep subjects in new, unsettling ways. We aim to continue this trend and we’re now looking for a 3D Artist to join our ranks. This is a full-time employment, working from home or from our soon-to-be-established hub-office in Malmö. Applicants must be living in Europe and be prepared to move to Sweden in a near future (if you are not already here).

Working closely with our Gameplay Programmers / Designers and putting your modelling, texturing and prop-making skills to use, your main responsibility will be to create breathtaking gameplay environments and player experiences for our upcoming games.

Here is a rundown of some of a few more specific tasks:

  • Make the basic models that make up our levels (walls, floor, etc).Work with designers to design the layout of our levels. Both from a gameplay and artistic perspective.
  • Build whole levels from whitebox to the finished polished product.
  • Model props of various complexity, both with and without the use of previously drawn concept art, often having to take certain gameplay aspects into account.
  • Construct particle systems, both by drawing textures and setting up parameters in our editor.
  • Recreate various effects such as flowing water, fires, etc. by making best use of the tools at your disposal.
  • Collaborate with designers/scripters and come up with the best player experience possible for a particular scene. 

These are far from the only things you’ll be doing when working with us. We’re quite a small team, and we like to see people dabbling with things outside of their expertise and constantly learning new things. The more areas of our development you’re able to take part in, the better.

Of great importance is that fact that you must be able to work from home. Frictional Games currently does not have an office; however, we are planning to set one up in Malmö, hopefully sometime during 2017. You will however decide for yourself how much you’d want to make use of the office, so it’s crucial that you are able to plan your day, take full initiative and work without strict guidance. Because of this, we allow a flexibility that you’ll rarely find in an office environment. 

The most basic requirements are the following:

  • You must live in Europe and be prepared to move to Sweden in the near future.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You have a fast and stable internet connection and high performance PC.
  • You strive for structure, efficiency and clarity.
  • You are extremely self-driven.
  • You like working with varying tasks.
  • Excellent skills in Maya, 3D Studio Max, Modo or similar software.
  • Know how to use Modo or prepared to learn.
  • Excellent skills in Photoshop or similar software.
  • Familiar with working in issue-tracking software (such as JIRA) or prepared to learn. 

Additional (non-essential) requirements:

  • You live in or near Malmö or are prepared to move here.
  • You love horror, sci-fi and narrative games.
  • You have played a major role in completing at least one game.
  • You have good knowledge of both prop and character animations.
  • You have great free drawing skills.
  • You have experience in level design.
  • You have strong design skills.