Winner showcase of Spring Art Jam 2020

Over the last few weeks of spring we held another Frictional Fan Jam, the theme of the season being Spring and/or Rebirth (yes, a slight nod to the upcoming Amnesia: Rebirth you have surely heard about).

The jam yielded a total of 25 works, most of which were 2D art, and a few made in 3D. SOMA was the most popular game to reference with Amnesia: The Dark Descent as a good second – and even the Amnesia: Rebirth got some love! All of the submissions are on display on a dedicated showcase channel on our Discord.

As always, picking the winners was incredibly hard, because our fans are creative, talented, and hardworking. Every one of these pieces deserves a place on our fanart wall! But we had to choose, so the works were put up for a vote among the employees, and two emerged victorious.


Simon’s Rebirth by Yuwarat

Simple but effective, like a stained glass window, Yuwarat’s work turns the story of Simon’s abyssal descent into one of ascension into new life.

Even a corpse with a microchip and black goo slapped on with good measure can create more life – either for eternity among the stars, or as fancy fertiliser.

The winners will receive a key to Amnesia: Rebirth, and posters from a game of their choice.

We would like to once again thank everyone who participated, and hope that you will look forward to our future jams!