Frictional Fan Jam: Summer Writing Jam

Quick overview

Duration: 4th to 23rd of August 2020
Theme: Summer/Memories
Medium: Prose and poetry
Submission link:


We have one more Frictional Fan Jam to hold to complete the seasons! We have done modding, and visual arts, but now it’s time for our writers to shine.

Get your pens and laptops ready and dive into your fondest summer memories.


The Jam will start on the 4th of August and last until the 23rd of August 2020.

You can submit your work on the night of Sunday the 23rd, as the submissions will be checked on Monday morning.


Summer and/or Memories.

Your submission should include one or both of the themes. You can interpret them however you wish.

The works should also be connected to at least one of Frictional’s games.


This jam will be for prose and poetry. Think fanfiction, or a poem about one of the games!

Other narrative forms like comics or illustrated texts are allowed, as long as the focus is on the narrative element. Audio narration is also allowed, but we hope you provide a transcript of the text.

Longer pieces should be kept under 15 pages to make sure the judges can read through them all.

The submission should be in English.

Submitting your work

Upload your project on a platform of your choice, like Archive of Our Own, Tumblr, or Reddit.

For entering the event, please submit a link to your work through the following form:

All works will be showcased on the #summer_jam_showcase on Discord.


The jury of Frictional Games employees and the Discord moderator team will pick the winner(s) of the jam.

The winner(s) will receive A4-sized posters of a game of SOMA or Amnesia: The Dark Descent sent to their home address. Once our next project is out, the winners will also receive a download key for Amnesia: Rebirth on an available platform of their choosing.


The Fan Jam is organised by Frictional Games’ community manager Kira, with support from the Frictional Games Discord moderators. The easiest way to contact either is through the Frictional Games Discord server’s #summer_jam channel. The channel can also be used to share ideas with and get feedback from other community members.

Join the Frictional Games Discord!

If you don’t have a Discord account, you are welcome to contact Frictional Games through Twitter or our Contact Form, and we will help you as soon as we can.

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  1. Can’t wait to pre-order “Amnesia: Rebirth” on GOG. Please add it there!
    The worst case is when it’s steam exclusive. Then I won’t buy.

  2. It’s awfully quiet here related to the new Amnesia title, is everything going as planned? Fall is right around the corner, hopefully the whole virus thing didn’t push the release date further than announced.

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