Winner showcase of Summer Writing Jam 2020

And so the seasons have come a full circle, and with them this round of Frictional Fan Jams.

The last jam in this batch was for our dear writers, who were tasked with capturing the spirit of summer and/or memories. This jam yielded a total of 30 works – most of them short stories, but with a few poems sprinkled in. The entries had a delightful spread of exploring familiar characters’ stories, as well inserting original characters into the worlds of SOMA and Amnesia and watching them deal with the dread – but also some hope.

All of the submissions are on display on the Summer Jam Showcase on our Discord, so go give them a read! However we did have to pick a few winners – ever the difficult task. The works were put up for vote among our employees, as well as some help from the Discord moderator team, and decided on 3 favourites, and 2 special mentions who we didn’t want to pass by.


summer, eternal

by aglayalilich

#everything is fine #no really seriously everything is fine

Maybe it’s the 2020, but a fic where everything is fine is just what we needed right now. aglayalilich takes us on the ARK, where Simon, Catherine and Imogen are settling into their new life. It’s filled with lovely interactions, realistic world-building, and, most of all, hope.


by pavilargo

Higgledy-piggledy looks through the eyes of an unexpected protagonist – a manpig, just awakened in its new form. While eloquent in its thoughts, it’s still unable to comprehend both itself and the world around it. But it’s still trying to cling onto something, half a memory of a different existence.

The King in Alpha

by Selene S.

What kind of poetry can you write about a machine – unthinking, unfeeling, following protocol, yet with a flair of something human. The King in Alpha explores these woes of WAU.

Special mentions


by artificalparanoia

2020/08/23 16:20 – ident_target: cs.apollo-cose.blackbox-stream.hhjkn7/sig11 [GOOD]

– captures the last days of a prototype team, despair filling them as it is not just machines that are malfunctioning. A depressing tale, carrying the legacy of the SOMA universe.


by David

Starting as a reminiscence of brotherhood, complex but warm, Kings follows Isaac’s struggle to connect with his family. Literally and figuratively. This one was a tearjerker.

The winners will receive a key to Amnesia: Rebirth, and posters from a game of their choice. The special mentions will receive a key.

We would like to once again thank everyone who participated, and hope that you will look forward to our future jams! The next jam will feature Amnesia: Rebirth, too.

PS. This will be the last fan jam held by me, Kira, as I will be continuing my adventure elsewhere. I have been thrilled to see everyone’s entries to the past jams, and hope that you will keep being inspired by the games!

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