Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.04

We have just released a new patch for Amnesia: Rebirth, containing a few improvements worth pointing out.

The change that will most likely have the biggest effect on the experience is the “toning down” of the “fear flashes”. These flashes were never really meant to be “scares” in themselves but their main purpose is instead to clearly signal to the player that their fear is reaching critical levels. Sometimes it’s difficult for us as developers to fully compute how these things will affect the overall experience and it’s not until you start seeing them in gameplay sessions (by youtubers and streamers) and hearing about them in feedback from players, that you realize that you’ve taken them a bit too far.

We have therefore now toned down the audio and visuals of these flashes as well as tweaked how and when they appear a bit. They are still an important aspect of the game and serve a purpose, but will hopefully strike a better balance from now on.

Fixes and improvements contained within this patch are:

  • Tone down / adjustment of Fear Flashes (the images that flash before the eyes when in darkness etc.). 
  • Hints will now disappear when they should, thus not causing problems for new hints to appear.
  • Potential fix for the “missing GUI bug”.
  • Various bugs blocking the player from progressing have been fixed.
  • Various other bug fixes.

We are also working on an upcoming patch in which focus will be lying on things like:

  • Implementation and release of mod support.
  • Ability to skip memories through holding down a button.
  • Linux bug fixes.
  • Other various bug fixes.

Depending on your platform these are the versions and build IDs you should be looking for if you want to verify that you’re on the latest patch:

PS4 version: 1.04
Steam Build ID: 5726162
GOG version: 1.06 and 1.05
Epic version: 1.05

If you encounter bugs or problems, please reach out to us on our support platform here:

25 Replies to “Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.04”

  1. Loving the game! If I can make a suggestion, I’d like it if Tasi kept the notes she finds, instead of placing them back down and paraphrasing them in her journal. That way I could go back and read through the things I’ve found/done when I’m in a safer location, or if I come back to the game after not playing for a while.

    1. I think you can read them in menu under the section called notes when though she doesn’t take them.

    2. I second this! This exact thing has also been annoying me a bit. Super good game though! Loving it so far.

    3. I think the reason they did this is that you as a player should “recall” the notes just like Tasi. If you can’t remember them word for word, you read Tasi’s memory of them so that you feel more immersed. But maybe that’s just me! 🙂

  2. The Linux release is still on 1.03 on GOG, at least. You mentioned Linux bugfixes, so I’m assuming Steam received the patch. It would be nice if it was released on GOG as well.

  3. Please did someting with Speedrun trophy. I beat game 2 hour 28 min alwats running but no Trophy. Please make that a little easy. Thats imposile beat game with speedrun becouse there are tons of bugs and errors.

  4. “Linux bug fixes”, hope this resolves the desert sky box with floating windows issue.

  5. Great update. Soon are we able to tone down the amount of voicelines Tasi has? Or mute some of them? It kinda interferes with the horror when she’s constantly speaking. Some people like it, so make like an option to mute certain lines.

  6. Add the option to REMOVE crossdot on screen!
    Also, put the option to adjust different tracks of audio (music, voices, SFX/sound effects), not just “master volume”.

  7. I’m stuck in the hunting grounds… no matter what I do I cant swing the cage into the gears…if I raise it …its too high and goes over the top…if I lower it..
    I cant swing it at all

  8. Can you add mouse and keyboard support for ps4? I don’t have a pc anymore and I played the old games with mouse and keyboard which I much prefer for these beautiful games

  9. I have a problem. When the game is starting i can’t see anything. It appears a black screen…right after the intro. What can i do about that?

  10. Amazing game, as someone else said picking up notes would be a welcome addition. Also, perhaps you can add adjustments for the framerate limiter in the game itself for PC to firstly go above 60 and also to adjust for the refresh rate of your monitor instead of having to edit such things from within config files.

  11. amnesia rebirth black screen problem
    hi frictional games i have played and finished all games and they are working properly
    i saw at the internet frictional games published new game amnesia rebirth game i downloaded this game in goggams – epic games v1.04 v1.05 v.1.06 there is no problem setup when the game finish to setup i click new game waiting to skip dialogue and pictures then it says press a key i pressed i saw there is a black screen but i am hearing the game sounds i update grapic card driver i saw your web site this Visual C++ Redistributable
    i downloaded but the same problem is go on black screen and iam hearing the voice of game
    i downloaded version 1.05 and version v1.06 try this version same problem black screen 🙁 i looked videos for the solution this things but not working previous games worked without any problems i played them as a result of my enthusiasm is over to this frictional games and this situation obviously upset me i looked command at the internet everbody has got same problem black screen I wouldn’t expect your games previous games work fine and no problem

  12. After seeing this, it doesn’t surprise me that the Fear Flashes were toned down. After playing on release and seeing them the first time, I screamed out loud causing my girlfriend to creep in the darkened computer room to see wtf happened. I was wondering why they were as unsettling as before.

  13. I would really appreciate it if you could make the original fear flashes available as an option in settings. They were very impactful on my first playthrough and I’m pretty disappointed that they are now almost non existent due to complaints.

    For me they never made me “jump”, just put me on edge and I really liked that. It’s also an incentive to NOT drain sanity or be caught by the creatures. I understand trying to please people, but this feels like a detriment to your initial vision for the game. Like I said, an option in settings would be very much appreciated 🙂

    1. I agree. Toning down fear flashes should be an option. I found the flashes in the original version a good incentive to avoid the dark and they help establish the tense tone of the game. Part of the appeal of this game is having to overcome the struggle against your desire to not go down a dark cave passage.

  14. Hey, quick suggestion from a fan!

    I’d love a “harder” game mode that doesn’t eliminate monsters from areas after you’ve been caught by them once or twice.
    It’s entirely possible that I’m wrong about this, but it seems as if enemies have a tendency to disappear after Tasi “dies” (running away/unleashing the beast animation), and to me, that deflated tension from several of the monster/horror sequences, which were my favorite parts of the game.
    I’d love if we had an option to keep the monsters around, upping the difficulty and scare factor a bit.

    Thanks for your time, and great job with the game!

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