Adventure Mode for Amnesia: Rebirth

The free Adventure Mode update for Amnesia: Rebirth is out now! This new mode allows players to experience the game with reduced scares, where you don’t have to worry about darkness nor monsters attacking you. 

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Continue reading and check out our Dev diary for more info:

When we released “Safe mode” for SOMA some years ago we didn’t really know how it would be received or if it would make a difference at all to the players out there. Today we know that it was well worth the effort and that the mode allowed a whole new audience to experience the game. We got a lot of player feedback from people appreciating SOMA’s safe mode, and nearly every single interview leading up to the release of Amnesia: Rebirth contained the question “Will it come with a safe mode?”. This indicates to us that the mode has had an important influence on SOMA’s reception. Now, we’ve created something very similar for Rebirth. 

Safe mode allowed players to take in SOMA’s narrative, atmosphere, story and theme, without having to worry about monsters attacking them. And even though Amnesia: Rebirth has a foundation in the same kind of horror that once made Amnesia: The Dark Descent so successful, the game shares many characteristics with SOMA. 

With Adventure Mode we hope that new players, that have a hard time handling horror as a genre, will get to experience Tasi’s story. That they will get to immerse themselves in the character and the unforgiving environments of Rebirth, as they fight for survival for themselves and those closest to them.

Playing the game in Adventure Mode still contains the same serious themes and story – and the atmosphere can still be quite unnerving at times – but the experience is going to be much less of a horror experience and more one of an epic adventure.

Here’s a summary of the features that comes with the new Adventure Mode:

  • Monsters still exist in the game but they won’t attack you anymore.
  • Locations that contained pitch black darkness have been brightened up a lot, making environments possible to explore at one’s own pace, allowing for easier navigation and removes some of the oppressive atmosphere.
  • No active fear mechanic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about taking fear from being in darker areas or near monsters.
  • A few bonus puzzles.

For those of you who still want the horror experience, the Original mode is still available to you, but we hope that this new mode will be a nice alternative for others.

4 Replies to “Adventure Mode for Amnesia: Rebirth”

  1. Thank you, Frictional Games! I like everything from this new adventure mode except the brighter lighting. Please restore the original dark lighting!! This is such a fantastic mode that get rid off these stupid death mechanics and jump scares plus it adds some few puzzles!!! Very very great job!! But the atmosphere suffers a lot from the bright lighting. I think everyone loves when the game is scary in atmosphere and locations. Bright locations are boring to explore, because you can see everything and even in adventure mode it should still be scary. Please, please, please!! No brighter locations. A much better solution would be to add more lamp oil or increase its burning duration! So everyone can use the lamp much more comfortable. I think who wants to have brighter locations, should just change it using the gamma slider. But do not make the locations brighter by default. I really really love the strong atmosphere of Rebirth, just have a problem with these annoying death sequences and fear mechanics.

    Please change this in 1.31 patch and I finally would be very very happy with the game.

  2. Me and a friend worked on a Custom story but when Adventure mode was released Rebirth won’t load our CS anymore. It does show up under mods but whenever we start it the screen just go black. How can I fix this?

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