Hiring: Concept Artist -CLOSED-

Frictional Games, the makers of Amnesia and SOMA, are hiring a new Concept Artist to join our team.

Title: Concept Artist
Focus: Creating concept art for various props and environments
Type: Full-time, permanent position
Last day to apply: Ongoing process. The earlier the better. Position is filled
Location: Remote or at our office in Malmö, Sweden. For remote, applicants need to live in a time zone that is +-2 hours from CET.

Building the worlds our games take place in requires someone to first design them. Our concept art team does exactly this, and now we have an opening for you to join us in concepting props for our new and upcoming games.

What will you work on?

We are looking for a Concept Artist who will join SecretProject #2 to initially focus on prop design and concept work. This is a junior position with no prior experience necessary, though it is preferable. You will work closely with team leads to realize visual designs to be handed over to our 3D artists.

Right now Secret Project #2 is entering production, which means that you would find yourself working with established pipelines and practices for a good workflow. Once we hit production your focus will be on concepting the numerous props that help our environments come to life. It is also possible to get involved in the creation of environment concepts, graphic design, etc.

We especially value applicants who are capable of working in 3D or are willing to expand their skills in this area. When concepting hard surface props, being able to create a blockout in 3D is very important to our process.

As a small team, everyone in the company has a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, and you will find yourself working on a variety of different tasks.

What are we looking for?

You have to live in a time zone that is +-2 hours from CET to apply, and if you want to relocate to Malmö, Sweden, you need to be a EU/EEA citizen.

The person we’re looking for is creative, self-motivated, and eager to hone their skills. We need you to fulfill the essential requirements, but are flexible with how you have acquired your experience. 

We welcome applicants regardless of background, situation, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and similar, so don’t let anything like that hold you back from applying!

Here are the essential requirements:

  • Good knowledge of perspective as well as form, design and color language
  • Intermediate to good knowledge of hard surface modeling
  • Intermediate to good knowledge of Photoshop or a comparable software
  • Intermediate to good knowledge of Blender or a comparable software
  • Basic knowledge of industrial design
  • Basic experience in working in entertainment (does not have to be professional and education, modding, prior projects, etc. also apply)
  • Able to adapt to a predefined art direction
  • Able to research independently
  • Comfortable with jumping between a high variety of tasks
  • A love for prop design, no matter if it is a complex futuristic machine, an antique piece of furniture or a simple box
  • A love for visual storytelling
  • Great communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • A strive for structure, efficiency, and clarity
  • Ability to challenge yourself and tackle new obstacles head-on
  • A critical approach to your work, where you think things through, reflect and improve

Here are some hardware essentials. This is especially important if you would like to work from home either full time or part of the time:

  • A Windows PC that runs AAA games that came out the last few years on high quality.
  • Hardware and equipment to work with. Additional equipment can be provided as we go, but it’s important to have something to start working with.
  • A fast and stable internet connection.

If you want to impress us you also have:

  • Knowledge of medium poly modeling
  • Knowledge of Fashion and art history
  • Knowledge of vector graphic design
  • Knowledge of anatomy and character design
  • Knowledge of game engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.

What do we offer?

We at Frictional make games, because making games is what we love. But we know that’s not all there is – there’s also playing games, doing sports, or spending time with loved ones. We believe that a healthy balance between work and life creates positive ripples throughout, which is why we discourage crunch.

We also offer:

  • Variety in tasks
  • Opportunities to influence your workflow and workload
  • Flexibility if you need to go to the doctor or other appointments during work hours
  • One optional health hour per week for work out or other health activities during work hours
  • Social security and holidays that are up to Swedish standards
  • Participation in internal Show & Tell sessions for both projects, meaning giving feedback to and receiving feedback from all members of the projects
  • An inclusive and respectful work environment
  • An office in central Malmö you can use as much as you please

How to apply?

If all of the above piqued your interest, we would love to hear from you! Send us your application – the sooner, the better! Please attach your:

  • Cover letter (Why should we hire YOU?)
  • CV
  • Portfolio (link and/or PDF)
  • Answers to preliminary questions (see below)

Send your application to apply@frictionalgames.com

Please note that we require all the attachments to consider you.

Preliminary questions

Please provide a document answering the following questions:

  • When is the earliest you could start working?
  • Tell us about the daily work you did on your last finished game project.
  • Name two games you think have high quality prop designs. Explain why.

If you are not living in Sweden, please also answer the following:

  • Do you have the ability to invoice?
  • What kind of hardware do you have?
  • What kind of internet connection do you have?