Hiring: Project-based 3D Artist

Title: 3D artist
Focus: Polishing environments and props
Type: Full-time, project-based (approx. 1 year)
Last day to apply: 4th of November 2018

After 3 years of hard work, we are now close to finishing one of our new games. We want it to look amazing, and to accomplish that we need more (hu)manpower.

This is where you come in.

We are now looking for an experienced 3D artist, who will focus on environments and props for our upcoming horror game. Our ideal person loves horror, and is able to convey atmospheric environments and terrifying scenes through 3D art. The position is full-time and project-based, lasting for about a year until the new game is ready to be shipped.

What will you work on?

We are quite a small team, but we consider that our strength. As an environment artist you will get to work on every level of the game, ranging from small props to whole levels. This means your contribution will greatly influence how the final game looks, plays, and evokes emotions.

Here are some of the things you will be working on:

  • Creating basic models that make up the levels, such as walls and floors
  • Modelling props of various complexity, both with and without the help of concept art, and often having to take gameplay concerns into account
  • Constructing particle systems, both by drawing textures and using parameters in our editor
  • Combining various techniques to create special effects, such as flowing water or fire.

If you want to know more about Frictional work practices, you can check out the introduction post of Rasmus, who will be your closest teammate.

What are we looking for?

You have to be a EU/EEA resident to apply.

The person we’re looking for is creative, driven and most importantly self-sufficient.

Since the position is project-based, we are looking for a person who can start as soon as possible, end of November the latest.

Here are some essential skills we require:

  • Excellent skills at adapting to a style and taking it to a finished state
  • Strong self-drive and ability to organise your own work
  • Interest in and ability to do research for interesting prop and environment solutions
  • Love for working on a variety of tasks
  • Fluency in English
  • Team communication skills
  • Knowledge of game design
  • A Windows PC that runs recent games (such as SOMA) that you can use for work (unless you live in Malmö and will work from the office)
  • A fast and stable internet connection.

And here are some more techie skills:

  • Excellent skills in 3D software. Modo preferred
  • Familiarity with Zbrush/Mudbox/similar
  • Excellent skills in Substance
  • Excellent skills in Photoshop or similar software
  • Familiarity with issue-tracking software
  • Experience in classic/non-PBR workflow.

If you want to impress us:

  • Love for horror and narrative games
  • A major role in completing at least one game
  • Great free-drawing skills
  • Experience in level design
  • Strong game design skills
  • Experience kitbashing/working with modular sets.

For this position you can work from home. We have a central hub in Malmö, Sweden, which you can use if you wish.

What we offer:

  • Flexible working hours, a no-crunch approach
  • Opportunities to influence your work flow
  • Variety in your work tasks, and ability to influence your work load
  • Participation in Show & Tell of games, having a say in all aspects of the game making
  • An inclusive work environment
  • A possibility to become a permanent employee.

How to apply?

If all of the above piqued your interest, we would love to hear from you! Send us your application 4th of November the latest – but the sooner, the better.

Please attach all the following:

  • Cover letter (why you should work with us, what do you bring to the table)
  • CV
  • Portfolio (link or PDF)
  • Examples of works that have inspired you or blown you away.

Please notice that you need to send all of the applications to be considered.