Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.1

Patch 1.1 for Amnesia: Rebirth is out now on all PC platforms. If testing goes smoothly, it will be out sometime tomorrow on PS4 as well.

This patch is mostly about bug fixes, both some linux focus, some blockers and other minor issues. The most notable change for most players will be the ability to skip memories by holding the interact button (left mouse button or right trigger if on a gamepad).

In summary:

  • You can now skip memories by holding down the left mouse button, or right trigger on a gamepad.
  • Linux graphics glitch fixed.
  • Various blockers fixed.
  • Various bug fixes.

For linux users we still have some known issues with fullscreen and exiting the game that won’t be fixed in this patch.

For our next update the main focus is:

  • Mod-support. We are almost there, but want to test it properly before launching it.
  • More linux fixes.
  • General bug fixing.

The build IDs on the different platforms are:

  • Steam BuildID: 5755312
  • Epic Game Store: 1.10
  • GOG: 1.10

If you encounter bugs or problems, please reach out to us on our support platform here:

4 Replies to “Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.1”

  1. Skipping the flash backs is not a solution for the problem people have with them. Flash backs are important to tell the story. Skipping them means no story telling at all. This should not be the goal. You better should re-work the system how the flash backs are designed. Remove the background pictures which breaks the game like a cut-scene. Let only the subtitles appear like it was in The Dark Descent and SOMA which let you continue to control the character.

    Actually the problem is when not skipping them it breaks the immersion and to skip them breaks the story telling.

    I don’t understand why you just made it like in The Dark Descent and SOMA where everything was perfect.

    1. Sorry, I meant I don’t understand why you have NOT made it like in Dark Descent and SOMA.

  2. It’s been three weeks or so since you said the Mac version would be delayed. Okay, bugs and issues happen, but it’s been three weeks with zero further communication. Is there any update or ETA?

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