Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.2 – Custom Stories

Patch 1.2 for Amnesia: Rebirth is out now on all PC Platforms and PS4.

In this patch we believe we’ve finally managed to identify and fix the most serious bug we’ve had left to fix – the one where some players have gotten stuck on black screen immediately after the intro. It was a hardware-related bug which made it particularly difficult to reproduce.

With version 1.2 on PC we also bring you Custom Stories and modding tools! This allows you to create everything from slightly modified versions of the base game to full conversions with all new assets, as well as play other people’s creations. Custom Stories can be uploaded to Steam Workshop on the Steam version. See more info below!

Various blockers and other bugs have also been fixed.

In summary:

  • Custom Stories can now be selected from the main menu.
  • The editors used in the development of Amnesia: Rebirth have been added to the install directory of the game.
  • Fear is no longer increased while reading notes.
  • Disabling Video Distortion now disables the pulsing tilt and zoom effect while standing in darkness.
  • Inventory can now be opened with D-Pad Up on gamepads that don’t have a View/Back button.
  • Fixed a major bug where the game would be stuck on a black screen after the intro.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not progress after a major late-game cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug where some memories could not be replayed from the sketchbook.
  • Fixed a bug where some objects wouldn’t play sounds while being dragged across the floor.
  • Various other bugfixes.

The build IDs on the different platforms are:

  • Steam: 5787922
  • GoG: 1.20
  • EGS: 1.20
  • PS4: 1.20

Custom Stories

Custom Stories are user-created modifications (mods) to the base game of Amnesia: Rebirth. They can include all new maps and assets, as well as replace any existing file in the game. We are really excited about this as mods and custom stories have been a big part of the Amnesia community and DNA ever since the release of The Dark Descent in 2010. We’re really looking forward to seeing what creations will emerge from this, the possibilities are limitless!

Custom Stories can be added to the game directly from the Custom Stories menu on Steam (which is integrated with Steam Workshop), or by downloading them from elsewhere and putting them in the Mods folder in the install directory of the game. They can then be played using the Custom Stories option in the main menu. 

Custom Stories are built using the same tools used to develop the game. These can be found in the install directory of the game. The LevelEditor is used to build and modify levels, while the ModelEditor is used to create the entities used in these levels. You can open a few levels and entities from the game in these to get an idea of how things work.

In order to modify the actual functionality of the game, you’ll have to edit the game’s script files. This can be done with any text editor, but an external IDE such as CodeLite is strongly recommended.

How to get properly started on modding the game is too big a topic for a blog post, so check out the documentation on our wiki for more information:

4 Replies to “Amnesia: Rebirth updated to 1.2 – Custom Stories”

  1. Great. Thousand thanks for this!
    I just need to know how to mod these things:

    – removing all fear flashes/jump scares
    – removing the dying animation
    – removing the images from memories and let the game continue control Tasi
    – removing flash lighting of items

  2. Thank you for this excellent stream of updates! I have a couple of requests though:

    * Let us skip the opening cinematic (i.e. skip straight to the post-crash)
    * After loading the next level, the game won’t let you “press a button to continue” until the memory/voice over finishes. Please let us skip that, too (i.e. make the “press button to continue” notice appear immediately when the next level is ready).

    It makes replaying the game a bit less annoying.

    I would also like to explain why I think the memories which play during gameplay are annoying to a lot of players: they happen without warning. The player is interrupted unexpectedly every time, and this can be quite annoying if you were concentrating on something else, and especially so if the memories come in clusters with little gameplay between them (which happens in several parts of the game). If the player were the one to knowingly “activate” the memory somehow, it would be much less annoying, like when you touch those special memory cylinders. I don’t know how that would work with other memory types, and player advice to devs is never correct, so I won’t bother making suggestions! 🤣 I just know that the current system is annoying to me even with the ability to skip them.

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