Frictional Mod Jam 2023: Horrors of War


Duration: July 24th until September 10th 
Theme: Horrors of War
Medium: HPL engine modding
Submission link: Here


We were so impressed by some of the fantastic mod submissions last Jam that we want to dedicate an entire Jam to get to see some more!

Join us for a month and a half-long event focused on HPL modding! You’re welcome to participate alone or in a small team (up to 4 people). For peer support, head on over to our Discord server.


The jam will start on July 24th and run until September 10th 

You have until midnight on the 10th to submit your work and the winners will be checked and throughout the remainder of the month.


The theme for this Fan Jam is a play on and extension of the themes in Amnesia: The Bunker, namely: Horrors of War

You are welcome to interpret the theme however you wish. The mods don’t have to have a connection to Frictional Games titles.


This Frictional Fan Jam is specifically for HPL modding. You are free to use HPL2 and HPL3, or even HPL1 if you’re brave enough.

Aside from the game assets, you are also welcome to utilize other assets you can legally use, or have permission to use from the creators.

Submitting your work

Upload your mod on a platform like ModDB or Steam Workshop.

For entering the event, please submit a link to your work through the following form:

Frictional Mod Jam 2023: Horrors of war event submissions

If you worked as a team, have one team member submit the entry.

All works will be showcased on the #2023_Mod_Jam_showcase on Discord.

Note: You are more than welcome to partake in the jam without competing if you just wish to be creative – this jam is for everyone, so just let us know.


The jury of Frictional Games employees and the Discord moderator team will pick the winner(s) of the jam.

The winner(s) will receive A3-sized posters and a T-Shirt from Amnesia: The Bunker sent to their home address

The winners will also receive Steam-keys to any Frictional game of their choice.


The Fan Jam is organized by Frictional Games’ PR coordinator Oskar, with support from the Frictional Games Discord moderators. The easiest way to get in touch with us is either via the Frictional Games Discord server’s  #2023_mod_jam channel – or you can use this contact form.