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what changes would you like to see?
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RE: what changes would you like to see?

(08-12-2010 02:18 AM)keen Wrote:  Removing the ability to kill dogs completely should be easy. Just modify the souce so instead of STATE_DEAD change it to STATE_KNOCKDOWN or STATE_FLEE.

I actually dont think dogs can jump at all. But, they can run far enough to bite you when they run off those cement bags in the mine. You probably could borrow some jumping code from the spiders. I hated the spiders the most because of the simple fact they could jump.

If anyone does make it so you cant kill the dogs easily, i would ask that you add more bottles around the mine, and make it so you can throw them a little further. It was fun throwing bottles around to distract the dogs. Also, someone should improve how the jerky attracts the dogs. I was very disappointed when i tried killing them in the steam rooms. I couldn't get them to eat the jerky that often. So, i resorted to killing them. It took something away from the experience.

Maybe have it so the dogs eat the meat automatically if they find it in front of them. And make it so it takes priority over hunting the player. Yes, that would improver the game a ton!

I've decided I need something to do, so I'm adding an "Insane" difficulty to the game. Check it out here. Criticisms welcome.

The list of changes so far:
* No health regen at all
* Dogs are a lot tougher, I forget the specifics.
* Player cannot use the glowstick.
* Ported the spider code over to the dogs, so they jump/knock you over.
08-14-2010 04:24 AM
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