Winner showcase of Frictional Winter Modding Jam 2019

The winter isn’t over, but our Winter Fan Jam is! For those unfamiliar, we held a modding jam over December and January, prompting the modders to explore the themes of Winter and/or Hibernation.

The jam produced a total of 6 mods, 3 using Amnesia: The Dark Descent as a basis, (HPL2) and 3 using SOMA (HPL3). We have picked a winner for both of these, meaning two in total! The winners will receive a key for the upcoming game, as well as prints signed by the Malmö portion of Frictional team.

Since the number of submissions was manageable, the other submissions will also be featured below, as will asset contributions.

Once again – huge thanks to all participants for telling new stories and exploring new themes! If you couldn’t finish or participate, we hope to see you in the next modding jam. And for those in other disciplines – we will have a jam for you, too, at a later date!


HPL2 – Permafrost Mountain by OddStuff

Additional voices by Macgyverthehero.

You pay little mind to the reports of bear attacks in the mountains, until one day your wife goes missing. But is it really the bears, or is there something else?

OddStuff’s Permafrost Mountain shows that a story doesn’t have to be long to be effective. The puzzles are hard enough to make you think but make sense, giving you that little a-ha! moment. A rambling note of a lunatic sets a great tone and stays with you afterwards. And of course, there’s the bears…

It ain’t those bears, I tells ya!

HPL3 – Life Freezes Over by HPL Chad Gang

Design by TiMan, writing by Darkfire and Slanderous.

Sound effects by PaulDB.

A nuclear attack that has been pulled back. A counterattack that hasn’t. You are awoken to prevent a catastrophe, but will you make it in time?

TiMan has established himself as a champion of modding with a second win in a row. This time he’s joined by Darkfire and Slanderous to form a powerhouse of veteran modders.

Life Freezes Over lets you put together a haunting story using environmental storytelling and sparse notes. The maps are practical but beautiful, adding to the sense of an unease. A custom enemy disrupts the familiarity of the research facility.


Other entries

HPL2 – Oghma Infinium by Sabatu

Additional voices by Trivvy, music by Tosha.

An ancient treasure hides in a cave rigged with challenges.

Sabatu delivers another monster of a mod, interesting environments and challenging puzzles spanning over several maps.

HPL2 – The Woodpecker by Yanka

End theme by Mikson.

The Woodpecker takes you to investigate a different attempt to stop the comet Telos, spiced up with mystic powers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise.

HPL3 – Broken Light by justus954

Contributions by LadyEspurr and DaRGonLerD

A dark tower looms ominously over you, beckoning you to come inside and find the answers.

HPL3 – Elysium by artificialparanoia


Special thanks

HPL3 – SOMA Winter modding pack by Draugemalf

Custom winter assets for HPL3.

Includes sounds by Mikson.

HPL2 – Winter assets for HPL2 by NutBoi

Draugemalf’s HPL3 assets converted to HPL2.

4 Replies to “Winner showcase of Frictional Winter Modding Jam 2019”

  1. It was fun participating in this jam! Good job to anyone who made anything, even if you didn’t win.

    This will be my last modding jam for now, at least until the next game comes out, I already have some rough ideas for another mod…

  2. I’m a Frictional Games fan.I like SOMA’s plot very much.My English is not very good,I’m a Chinese.I like it very much.When will the next game be released?Can’t wait any longer!Hope next game’s plot splendid as well as SOMA.

  3. The mod “PermaFrost Mountain” doesn’t function. I’ve installed it several times as well as referencing multiple guides on installing full conversion custom stories. Going off of what every other article and video says I know for a fact that I installed it properly several times and the mod itself is causing the issue not an installation error…
    So what happens after I install the mod and run the .bat file? “Amnesia.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” then the CMD prompt swiftly closes itself.

    1. Hm, the mod has worked for everyone else so far, with just extracting the folder into the Amnesia: The Dark Descent folder, so not sure why it would not work for you.

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