Hiring: Narrative Designer -CLOSED-

With every new Frictional Games project we aim to tell rich and engrossing narratives. To build absorbing worlds populated with living characters and stories for the player to be immersed in.

This is where you come in. Someone to help us structure, design and write the narrative on which we build our game worlds. Keep reading if this sounds interesting to you!

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Hiring: Gameplay Programmer -CLOSED-

The bread-and-butter of our games, their inner workings, the code that makes the magic happen. Build exciting gameplay moments in our games, using your technical prowess and understanding of gameplay and game-feel to code and script within our engine. You are our new gameplay programmer, and we are looking forward to working with you!

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Hiring: Animator -CLOSED-

The characters in our games are the actors on our stage. It’s their performances that convey our stories, and their movements are a big part of convincing our players that the world we built for them is alive.
We want to expand our animation team, and are now looking for you, our new animator! Help us build our upcoming games and bring to life a new cast of characters to tell our next generation of stories.

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